Fasimile Paper Rolls
BEST-FILM is develop to meet specifications of all major plain paper fax machines such as Panasonic, Sharp, Brother, Sagem, Philips, Xerox, Toshiba, Muratec and many other OEM faxes. With the falling prices of plain paper fax machines; many of them are now making it into offices and homes, we are proud to offer a low cost solution to your facsimile ink film. Even though produced under stringent quality control, BEST-FILM is still cheaper yet with quality comparable to OEM films and guarantees good performance.
100% guaranteed, our compatible thermal transfer ribbon is specially coated to withstand seasonal changes and functions perfectly wherever you use them. Additional features of BEST-FILM as compared to other compatible brands includes anti-static film that prevents paper sticking with film during printing, consistency in quality, physical outlook of film similar to OEM makes, specially formulated backcoat to protect thermal print head and many more – please refer to our “List of Advantages”.

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We have Japanese grade thermal fax paper with excellent gray scale print outs for office stationery.


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